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More on Dumb Games

Just when I thought enough had been said on dumb and stupid games, Taylor Clark opens up a whole new can of worms.

The problem, though, is that smart games like these are vanishingly rare, particularly among mainstream developers. This is what I meant when I wrote that “games, with very few exceptions, are dumb.” Out of the hundreds, if not thousands, of console and PC games that emerge from the dark and mysterious caves of development studios each year, only a handful are what a reasonable observer might call smart or artistic — a disturbingly low batting average by any metric. The rest are… well, as I said, they’re typically pretty dumb.

To which Matthew Burns responds…

The dissonance of the Uncharted series is a famous example: the experience implies two completely different worlds. One is where Nathan Drake is an affable hero, and the other is where Drake murders hundreds of fellow human beings and feels nothing. Though the developers took care to paint over the seams where they could, even the cleverest narrative design couldn’t change how completely incongruous that really is, on a basic, fundamental level.

Fascinating discussions ensuing here. Be sure to give both pieces a read.

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