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The Art of Videogames Galore

You say videogames are art, yes? Well, this post is for you then, as the Smithsonian agrees (though not everyone does). Three updates, one post, just for you.

With The Smithsonian’s new exhibit about games, I’ve seen lots of praise aimed their way. Pixels or Death is a bit more cautious in their assessment:

If one cannot truly experience games as an art form without playing them, the absence of more playable titles limited the exhibit’s ability to serve as outreach to a population that still doesn’t understand the feeling we get when picking up a controller.  It is akin to an exhibit of paintings in which the works are described in detail, but never shown.  It was this missed opportunity that assured the Art of Video Games would be a very good, but short of great exhibit.

Nightmare Mode have an interview with an artist who doesn’t refer to himself as an artist at all. An interesting read:

Despite his accomplishments as an illustrator, sculptor, game designer, and (at one point) dessert chef, Hofmeier hesitates to call himself an artist; when forced to qualify himself, he opts for “naïve idiot.” But his respect for the works of others is apparent. During our conversation, he praises interactive fiction luminary Emily Short (“an incredibly good writer”), indie developer Anna Anthropy (“she walks the walk”) and even film critic Roger Ebert (“He’s got a lot of love to give”). Yet the artist we spend the most time on is also, within the world of video games, the most famous: Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima.

And, to wrap it up, a preview of Diablo III…or a Diablo art-book, I’m not sure…examining the work going into the bosses of the series:

Because Blizzard knew they would have a close-up of Azmodan in the Black Soulstone cinematic, the team worked to create a unique facial structure for the demon. “We needed to have an interesting facial silhouette. I’m not talking about the outside of the face, necessarily, but the interior,” said Lichtner. “The placement of the eyes and mouth. We wanted to push it outside the norm a little bit more.” 

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