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Dark Horse: The Secret of Skylanders' Success

Skylanders surprised many with its release. Not only was the emphasis less on Spyro than a new cast of characters, but the emphasis was also less on longtime fans and instead on introducing the character to a new generation. Here’s just a little on that:

Among those plastic carcasses are more than a few unloved Guitar Hero instruments and unopened Tony Hawk: RIDE skateboards. Activision has sailed these waters before, and returned with only diminishing sales and, in RIDE, its most high-profile failure of recent years. The difference with Skylanders, Ness argues, is its focus: Activision may be a game publisher and Toys For Bob may be a game developer, but the popularity of Skylanders is all about the toys.

"Skylanders is bringing your toys to life," he says. "A lot of ideas as we were making the game got scrapped because they didn’t fit into that - making the toys come first.

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